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#TBT to a random day in a random park taking random photos which randomly are some of my favorite “street style” photos I’ve ever taken. Funny how  thing [randomly] happen eh?!  (at www.the-no-names.com)

Gustaaf Wassink by Robbie Fimmano for NYT Style Magazine

Roberto Sipos by Stefano Moro Van Wyk - Naked But Safe Magazine

Fernando Cabral by Julia Noni - GQ Style Germany, Fall/Winter 2014
One of the best to ever do it. Skateboard P x @wsjmagazine September 2014 Men’s Style.  (at Coterie Fashion Show @ Javits Convention Center)

Being free with my emotions doesn’t make me any less of a man. It’s honestly helped me deal with many of the situational circumstances that come along with being a Black Man • #blackmendream

[This work expresses my, and our apprehension to be. #blackmendream is a social practice art work, created by @shikeith that provides black men an outlet for open expression. I encourage you to create the quilt with us. Visit, www.shikeith.com for details]. (at www.shikeith.com)

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Porsche Design SS15

Niclas Nilsson - Baja East SS15, NYFW

(Middle)Topman Suit, Pony Sneakers, Goorin Bros Hat 
Kenneth Kyrell, 24, NYC